Permits In Raleigh

- The city of Raleigh has a HUGE dataset called Permits Other Than Buildings. It's described this way: All permits other than building from January 1st, 2000 to present. Includes Electric, Flood, Fire Protection, Grading, Mechanical, Plumbing, Right of Ways, Signage, Stubs and Zonage. Updated daily.

This map lets you explore that dataset by date. Enter a date range and the map will update with pins representing permits. (If you're interested in seeing construction permits in a specific area and you want to do a lengthy date search, I recommend you navigate to the part of the map you're interested in before you enter your date search. That way when lots of pins show up, you'll be in your area of interest.)

Click on a pin to get more details about the project. An information card will open underneath the map and provide additional project information, including address, permit number, permit type, and work class. In addition to the details there are also external links to a Wake County land record search for the project's address, a search link for the permit number, and a Google search for the contractor name when that's available.
Nosy Sir Walter Raleigh