Nosy Raleigh Crashes, Crime, and Construction

Enter a street address and a time span covering any part of the last six months. Nosy Raleigh will map out recent data on construction permits, police reports, and vehicle accidents. Please note: There's a bug and the map doesn't refresh between searches, so if you want to run a new search just reload the page. Or you can just keep searching and letting pins accumulate on the map, that's fine too.

The Open Raleigh Data datasets used with this map are updated every morning.
Enter starting date (can be no earlier than 180 days ago):
Enter ending date (be aware: long timespans mean lots of pins!)

Enter a Raleigh street address (no need to add "Raleigh" or the zip code, but you should add Street, Place, etc. Don't add apartment/unit numbers!)

Enter a search distance from the address in meters (1 mile is roughly 1609 meters,)
Nosy Sir Walter Raleigh

Nosy Raleigh is a Search Gizmos production.