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Wake County has a database of restaurant health inspections at http://wake-nc.healthinspections.us/qsearch.cfm. If you need a history of a facility's inspections, it's great; it goes way back and offers a lot of data. But if you want a map of nearby places or you want to quickly review the scores of a lot of facilities, it's a bit clunky.

So I made Nosy Raleigh Food! NosyR Food uses Wake County's open datasets to create a map of Wake County restaurants and their most recent inspection scores. Each listing also has a link to the establishment's Google Maps page. (This might fail a bit if you try linking to a chain restaurant.) You can either move around the map to explore different places or you can click on a row in the results table, which will zoom you to that location on the map.

The datasets feeding this search will be updated weekly. I have removed all institutional facilities (like school cafeterias) and other non-public places like elder services facilities. A very occasional bug may cause the map to stop responding; just reload the page and start over.
Nosy Sir Walter Raleigh You can choose to search by name or by address. To search by name, enter a word or partial word. Remember you're searching by name and not description; if you search for Italian you will not get all Italian restaurants in Wake County, only those with Italian in the title.

To search by address, enter an address you want to find restaurants near. Enter street address and city, but don't include unit number, state, or zip code. You can search in up to a 10km radius in increments of .1. (1km is about 3/5 of a mile.)
Name Address City Phone Number Inspection Date Score Google Maps Link Description

Nosy Raleigh is a Search Gizmos production.
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